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Diabetes and Your Feet

It is a well-known fact that Diabetes is on the increase in Australia. However, people are still not clear on the serious impacts this chronic disease can have on their feet. The feet being the furthest body part away from our eyes and reach, it is susceptible to major issues, particular in the sense of Diabetes and its potential side effects.

Imagine you wake up one morning and race out to put the bins out. Not thinking, you forgot to put some shoes on and stand on some glass.  Now we take for granted that we can always feel pain, but in some instances we cannot, and we call this Peripheral Neuropathy. Not everyone will have these issues of insensate feet, but how would you know?

Diabetic foot complications can arise as simple as this, a cut from a piece of glass, poor feeling resulting in not knowing and infection sets in, and we have a problem.  Further to the problem, Diabetes other side effect in terms of feet is reduced circulation. So not only is there an infected cut on the foot, there is also poor healing which can lead to a wound and further infections and issues.

This does occur, however there are many different pathways to which someone can have unfortunate issues such as this. The good news is that Podiatrists are available to assess and provide advice and treat any issues which can be potentially harmful to your foot.

Basic assessments are undertaken to provide insight to any potential issues and the best approach to look after your long term foot health.

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