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Do You Have Smelly Feet – The shUVee UV Shoe Deodoriser Can Help

The shUVee™ UV Shoe Deodorizer uses UV light to clean the surface areas inside your shoes. No chemicals or other biological agents are needed.

shUVee UV Shoe Deodoriser

shUVee UV Shoe Deodoriser

The power of UV light, along with time is all that is needed to clean the inside of your shoes. Normally this damp and dark area is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that can attack the feet and cause foot odor.

The shUVee™ Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer – Stops Odor, Kills Germs, Works in One Hour!


Deodorize: UV light kills odor-causing germs in your shoes. Your nose will agree!
Refresh: Daily use keeps your shoes smelling fresh. Even shoes can use a mini-vacation.
Easy: Place your shoes on the wands, press one button and allow the advanced UV light to do its job. That’s it.
Green: No corrosive chemicals used – just the same UV light produced naturally by the Sun. Step into the light, pun intended.
Affordable: Only a single shUVee™ is needed for the whole family. Of course, you know who needs it.

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The shUVee UV Shoe Deodoriser is a great complement to our Fungal Nail treatment


PinPointe FootLaser – Nail Fungus Treatment for Men & Women

Many Australians have unsightly fungal toenails (Onychomycosis), with statistics indicating that up to 10% of us suffer this condition in silence. However, the chances of acquiring a fungal nail rises sharply with age, and up to 50% of people over the age of 50 have one of more nails infected.

One of the frustrations people experience is poor or incomplete results with topical treatments. Outside of topical creams and ointments, the only option was a long course of oral antifungals which meant taking a tablet for at least 3 months and some possible side effects. It is no wonder that this revolutionary and clinically proven treatment has gained great traction around the world with over 1 hundred thousand procedures completed and more than 1 million nails treated to date.

Multisite clinical trials completed to date indicate success rates of at least 71%, although many practitioners who minimised cross infection risks have reported success rates in excess of 88% making it the most effective treatment on the market.

At my FootDr podiatry centres we have implemented a comprehensive assessment plan to ensure that the treatment really gets to the cause of the problem. This includes:

• A free initial assessment to determine if there is a fungal nail infection present
• A review of the cause of the infection
• A treatment plan outlining the most appropriate management
• Measures to ensure that once the infection is eradicated that the chances for re-infection are minimised.

Laser treatment for fungal toenail is considered more effective and safer than creams and oral medications.

Act now and secure your free initial assessment at any one of our 17 locations, or request an online appointment.

More information on the PinPointe FootLaser.